Salat Vs Namaz

فلا صدق ولا صلي ولكن كذب وتولي
He do not believe and don’t pray, but lie and take over his face.
Phala saddaka wala challa
Walikin Kazzaba wa Tawalla.
We know the meaning of Salat in bangla Namaz.. What does mean the word Namaz ? If you say that, they are going to do it. It is supposed to be done, because the word Namaz is not in our Bengali language.
It is possible to discover the exact Bengali synonym of Salat only by paying attention to this verse of Holy Quran.
In this verse there is tawalla as opposed to challah.
Again, opposite to Saddaka is Kazzabaka.

The meaning of word——–
Saddaqa – He speaks the truth.
Fa la saddaka — He did not tell the truth.
Wa la challah — he did not even pray,
Waliqin Kazzaba — Rather he lied,
Wa Tawallah — and turned away his face.

The Bengali word for tawalla is turning away face. But what is Challar Bengali?
Our Hujurs say challah means Namaj..

What is Namaj ? Namaj is not a Bengali word. Bengali language people understand how it ? The word is borrowed from foreign languages. Not our Bengali language.

Therefore, the Bengali word for challah should be extracted from the Holy Quran.
Now let’s come —
like the opposite of haram is called halal

Saddaka is the opposite of Kazzaba
Tawalla is the opposite of same Challa.
So if the Bengali word of tawalla is turned away face.
However, the Bengali word for challah would be means —
face to face, / to communicate / to relate.

Bengali word Namaj came from Arabic word Salat. The introduction of this foreign language word Namaj has created problems in understanding the Salat described in the Qur’an and has given rise to various debates..

The Arabic word “Salat” is the real meaning —-
of facing/connecting/communicating/relating/following Allah.

And this will be the reliable Bengali equivalent of the Arabic word Salat described in the Qur’an. This is called Mushulli. Muchulli means — one who follows.

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